Our Experience


I bring a unique, informed perspective with over 45 years of experience in product development, manufacturing, licensing, wholesale marketing and retailing.
I work with inventors of products to support them in designing, producing, marketing and launching their own company.

How do we help you?

· Do you have a great product idea

    burning inside of you? 

·  Have you always wanted to start 

    your own business with a product 

    that everyone will want?


I work with you for 30-60 minutes each week 

to help support you every step of the way, 

answering all your questions and giving you 

practical steps to put you on a fast track

to produce and market your 

'dream product' successfully and profitably. 


  OUR SERVICES include:

    · Training and Mentoring

    · Production Consultation

    · Marketing strategy planning

    · Logistics analysis

    · ​Product Design services

    · Licensing support