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I bring a unique, informed perspective with over 45 years of experience in product development, manufacturing, licensing, wholesale marketing and retailing. I have a strong understanding of all aspects of the marketplace and have established long term relationships with factories around the world.

 I founded a number of companies including wholesale houseware and gifts, regional sales agency and a retail outlet store. Total sales for these companies over the years total more than $100 MILLION.


My passion and expertise in business is to help inventors bring their 'dream product' into reality. I have been coaching inventors since 2013 with a variety of consumer products, supporting them to produce and launch their company.

Recent consulting clients include:  -  Bottle stoppers with unique patented carry case - Feminine Hygience product - Retractable Clothes Drying Rack

​Companies that I have founded over the past 45 years include:
 Bonsai Urn 

  I invented, patented and launched the Bonsai Urn in 2018, a unique Portable Urn to grow a bonsai tree, houseplant or fresh cut flowers creating living, loving memories with the cremains of a family member or pet.

Wine Things Unlimited 

Launched in 1985, I built this company with wine accessories and tabletop products with up to $5 Million in annual sales including licensed brands of colleges, Monopoly, Looney Tunes, Star Trek and unique artists. I sold the company in 2013.


Grapevine Press was an earlier venture focused on notecards and printed products with a wine theme.

Visual Creations was my first company started when I was 17 years old specializing in photographic and whimsical greeting cards. I had the opportunity to act as a licensing agent for two key greeting card artists with licensing sales over $50 Million.


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